My Excuse Note

So I slacked. Daddy didn’t get 7 days in a row, but I’ve got a good excuse. I was in Nashville from Thursday to Sunday night with my dad and the rest of my family. I literally never removed my macbook from the bag. We were on the go for four days straight. Since I gipped him, I plan on making it up to him with these next couple of posts.

The reason I was at home for the licensing of my beloved father into ministry.

He has completed all courses and passed all tests in order to minister the word of God where invited and given permission by the head of his church. The ceremony included about 70 candidates for licensing, ordination and re-ordination. Because I’ve grown up in the same church family, there were many people that I was very proud of that day but i’m the most proud of my Daddy. He spent most of his adult life working to provide for us and not doing much to fulfill any personal dreams or goals (that I know of). To see him continue his education in ministry and embark on other endeavors is amazing to me.

I know he will be an amazing minister because I’ve listened to his lectures my entire life. I can tell you that when he’s trying to gather his thoughts he rubs his bald head. when he’s got something really good to say, and is about to go on a roll verbally, he strokes his salt and pepper beard. As children, my sisters and I took that as a sign to sit back and get comfortable. We weren’t going to be there for a while. I cannot wait until my dad has his first big speaking engagement. I think I’m going to have to fly from wherever i am to wherever it is and sit in the front row.

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