Music That Moves Me: Daddy Edition

This is a special installment of Music That Moves Me dedicated to the Coolest Man In The World. No need for a long intro. Yall know what this is.

This just so happens to be my favorite song by Mr. Jarreau of all time. I would have never heard this song if not for car rides with my Daddy. I remember always asking him to play “number 13”. I never listened too much to the rest of the cd until I burned myself a copy before coming to Howard. All the hear “number 13”

What is there to explain? Listen to the chorus, it says it all.

This is the song we danced to at my dad’s recent wedding reception while my GiGi danced with her dad (Grandaddy Frog). Brandi and Britt each got the 1st and 2nd verses and chorus, and I got the bridge (my favorite part of the entire song) and a chorus along with Brielle who got the final oohs and aahs. This song is the perfect description of how I feel about my dad. No matter how old and independent I become, I will always be his joy.

On my trip home this past weekend, I was finally able to see pictures from our dance. I must say, We Broke It Down. It’s safe to say that we will be dancing to this song at my wedding reception. That is, after he walks me down the aisle and performs the ceremony.

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