Do You Forgive Him?

So. About Chris Brown…. I know there are many a journalist and big name blogger has written about this since the BET Awards the other night. I didn’t read any of it. I did watch the tribute. I did cry. Not because I was reliving copious amounts of grief from The Glovely One’s initial death, but because C.Breezy cried. I always cry when I see men cry. I can’t help it. It didn’t help that the poor man actually attempted to sing a song! He couldn’t get a word out! Not one word! I was no mo good I tell ya.

This performance sparked many a discussion about if should “forgive” lil Chris. Here is my take on the issue:

I don’t care if the performance was for Michael or an attempt to redeem himself. He never lost me as a fan. He didn’t need to prove anything to me or the rest of you ninjas. First of all, the Good Lord said in the Good Book that we are not to judge any man. I know we all judge people every day for all kinds of things. I do. But you know adding Jesus to arguments on subject matters like this always wins. Cut me some slack.

Secondly, We don’t know the full story and never will. What if Rhianna whooped up on pool lil Chrissy for months before he finally struck back? She could have been torturing him with her spiky jewelry in her sleep for all we know. Or what if her nagging about his phone activity was in song? I would’ve whooped her ass too for singing to me in such a small space.

Let’s not forget that he didn’t beat anybody that I know personally. Nobody that I know through a friend. Nobody that I will ever get to know. This makes it none of my business. Sir Breezy is only relevant to my life when dropping mixtapes, albums, or on tv somewhere dancing and showing off those tattoos. This is why I am proud to say that I will continue to download buy his music and watch his performances.

Feel free to have your own opinions and continue to dog that man out until the cows come home. I won’t talk about him unless his bow tie becomes a TT on twitter again or he has some heinous performance that tickles my funny bone.

***And for all of you that plan on coming at me on some “you threw Alicia under the bus!!  I’ll explain. I could care less about her taking old ferret face from that girl. I don’t like how it has affected her music. Her albums have sucked since she broke up with that other dude and started creepin. I need her to get back to drama free happiness so she can write the good songs I was used to hearing.***


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