Dad’s Wife

Never expected that I’d be writing this. This post is a sure sign of my maturation in the past year

When my dad told me he was in marriage counseling with the woman formerly known as Greta, I immediately burst into tears. Not because  she was some evil lady and my life was ruined, but mainly because he had horrible timing. (I was in primetime pms mode) The non-muenstral part of me cried because my world was shifting again. I hate change. Life was fine the way it was. Daddy and his girls and his grand babies. No one else. Ask me back then, she was ruining everything and I was only participating in the wedding because my daddy wanted me to. I didn’t like it one bit and didn’t plan on acting any other way.

Now that we are 5 months into this thing, I’ve turned over a new leaf. My GiGi (I hate the title step-mom. The kids call her GiGi, so I’ve adopted that as her title) is pretty cool. She truly loves and cares about my sister and I and their children. She supports my dad and his babies in everything that we do. And I can tell by being around them that God truly brought them together and blessed their marriage. Plus she loves to shop and has lots of cool things in her house for me to try and get sent to me for my next place. Honestly, she is a sweetheart.

Although I don’t, and probably will never view her as a stepmother, I do respect her as my father’s equal. That means her opinions about my life’s decisions matter as much as his does. Plus I find their newlywed bliss to be adorable and disgusting at the same time. But I have to admit, they are a great example of love between two people coupled with the love of God.

Safe to say, I heart my GiGi.

3 thoughts on “Dad’s Wife

  1. I heart my niece(s) and am delighted in the work you are allowiing God to do in you! You have a terrific dad & Gigi.

  2. Just re-read this and smiled. A lot has transpired over the past 2 years. And you know, just as you are still my “Buckethead” and “Baby girl”, your Gigi and I are still in this newlywed bliss.
    God is awesome.

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