3 Good Memories

In today’s post, I’ve decided to highlight 3 good memories. Here goes!

1. I’ve hade a lot of asthma attacks in my day so I don’t remember if this memory is from my first or second. What I do remember is my daddy carrying me on his back from the parking lot to the emergency room because I was too weak to walk. I also remember waking up in ICU from my albuterol-induced sleep every night to see my daddy sitting in what had to be the world’s most uncomfortable rocking chair watching T.D. Jakes or Miles Monroe on the itty bitty tv. He never missed a night even though he worked all day.

2. Because of his job, Daddy had to miss out on plenty of our special programs and events. For example, the father-daughter dinner at church in middle school. I went with my uncle Sherman. Senior night for basketball was on thing I refused to let him miss. I wouldn’t have been a participant if he hadn’t put his foot down when I wanted to relinquish my manager duties after sophomore year. He knew that I needed to learn hard work and committment, which is exactly what those four years taught me.  

Of course he missed rehearsal. And yes, I called every hour on the hour to make sure he was leaving work on time. But once we walked across the court I forgot about all that. I was just proud to be on his arm.

3. My daddy had a thing he did for all of his girls. Once we “became women” (y’all know what I mean) he took us out on our first date. I was the only one out of my sisters and I that was not excited. In fact I wanted to skip the entire thing. Not only was the concept of “becoming a woman” completely disgusting, but the idea of going on a date with my dad where we talked about the world of womanhood just seemed weird. I successfully avoided the date until I was 16 and was notified that I would not be going to church one Sunday morning. We went to a Titans game. It was the dead of winter and I froze even though I had on like 19 layers. But I had a great time and I’m grateful that my first date was with my hero.


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