From The Eye Of The Beholder

Tonight was about as normal as any Saturday night. Work first and fun afterwards. Party was a bust so I made it home quite early. I’m currently trying something new with my hair so the immediate task at hand was to put all my individual twists in to lil bantu knots, or as us southern folks call em, kuckabucks. Wash my face before taking it down for the night, and right before leaving the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. For the first time in my soon to be 23 years, my first thought was


Never have I ever genuinely thought of myself as beautiful. Sure I think I’m fly and all that good stuff, but beautiful pure and simple, nah. I’ve received compliments from countless people using this exact word; my family members, men I’ve dated, strangers…. Never have I ever told myself.

When I looked in the mirror I saw all of me in my face. I saw all of my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my pain. I saw everything that I’ve been through in my short lifetime, which is plenty.

Most importantly, I saw my potential. My potential is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it is a face that I will never ever forget.



One thought on “From The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. I like this! U should have known u were beautiful but it’s great that u know now. Its wonderful when u can fall in love with yourself. Hope I make it to that point one day

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