Things I Learned Over The Weekend

This holiday weekend has been interesting to say the least. In between working my sexy hind-parts off, I managed to have a little fun. In true BRenee fashion, I’ve come away from this weekend having learned my fair share of lessons. And here they are.
SOUTHERN COMFORT is the best liquor ever. This is no lightbulb discovery, I just wanted to put it out there.
SOMETIMES FRIENDSHIP IS ENOUGH. Plenty of good relationships develop out of great friendships, but not all friendships need to go further. This weekend I was reminded of  a failed attempt, which justified my recent decision not to make the same mistake twice.
I AM MUCH FRIENDLIER IN THE SUMMERTIME. I hate the winter. I hate being cold. I hate clothes. I love the sun. Summertime is ideal weather in my book, meaning that I’m generally in a better mood cause I’m not layered in clothing or shivering up a storm. I actually strike up conversations with strangers in the summer, and Lord knows I’m not a fan of strangers.
In all of my efforts to be completely honest at all times, I’ve noticed that PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE ME. I don’t know what it is, but people always seem to hear what they want instead of what I say. Maybe I need to switch up the delivery. I say exactly what I mean and mean what I say. Hopefully this trend will subside before I have to start getting ignorantly blunt with negroes.
I CAN’T STAND PREDICTABLE MEN. I should not be able to guess your next move All the time. What’s the fun in that?
THIS SUMMER WILL BE INTERESTING to say the least. I never have eventful winters, but soon as it warms up outside all types of things start happening. From the looks of things, this summer will not disappoint.

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