southern musings

Sooo I’m a southern girl. I was raised to be a great ambitious and successful women, but was taught never to lose my roots. These roots reside in soil that has been nourished home cooked meals, laundry treated with care, and every need of the family met with love. My roots are nestled in what I like to call Nola soil. Nola is my grandmother. She is the epitome of a southern black woman. Married to a deacon of the local Missionary Baptist Church, takes care of all the children in the neighborhood, and Sunday dinner is always a feast made from scratch.

I am not that woman… Well not completely. I would like to think that I will become a hybrid of my Mama Nola.

Like most southern bred women, I want to be an amazing wife and mother one day. I also have a separate career agenda, which I will accomplish. But, unlike the completely career-focused women, I do not have a timeline on any of my goals. If I fall in love and start a family before accomplishing my career goals, so be it. I will pick up where I finish off. Regardless of how “new school” I become, I will always hold true to my southern roots, but I will do so with a twist that fits me. One thing that I know I will never become faulty on is…

COOKING – I will Not cook every day. But there are days that will guarantee a fully home-cooked meal.

Days with big sports events on television – If the STEELERS CELTICS or TITANS are coming on, I promise I will be in the kitchen cooking up greatness! Why? Because I love to watch a good game with a good meal. Once I have a significant other, I will add his favorite teams to the line-up.

When I know that he is going to be coming home from an extra long day at work. I want to greet my love with a warm meal and a kiss after those hard stressful days. Now, if he starts taking advantage and frontin like every day is the worst, his meals will start to disappear.

To celebrate the small victories. Whether they are mine, my man’s, a friends, the neighbor down the street… There is nothing like celebrating with good food. Cooking is cheaper than going out. We can save the restaurants for the big victories.

Whenever I’m having a craving. Who better to satisfy my taste buds than me?

Now I know that with this list it seems like I will be in the kitchen slaving away every day. Trust me, I will not. At the most, three times a week with plenty of leftovers.


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