The Hair Issue

A little over a year ago, I chopped my hair off. Well, not me personally, the lady at Regis salon did all the work while i tried not to fall asleep in the chair. I’ve only cut it significantly one more time since that big chop, but recently I’ve found myself thinking about it often. These thoughts were not  a part of my plan.

This was supposed to be easy. Cut it all off and then grow out my natural tresses. That’s it. Easy is far from what this journey has been. Nobody told me that I would have to designate a full 12 hours each week to tackle this nappiness growing out of my scalp. No wash  and go for me!! I have been blessed with what I like to call TRUE NEGRO HAIR. It takes work to bring out the beauty in these curls, and frankly, I get sick of it sometimes.

I want to go back to this:

See how happy I was?

It’s because  I didn’t have to spend 45 hours on my hair.

I know that I’m not going to actually chop my hair off again any time soon. That doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it!!

Now let me get up and take these twists out. smh.


2 thoughts on “The Hair Issue

  1. While I’m sure that this doesn’t help anything: the hair maintenance does not get any easier as it gets longer. But I do think the variety of styles to try grows dramatically. Keep the faith my sista!!!!

  2. Hey Renee,

    Just checking out your blogs and had to comment on this one. Your hair Journey has been an interesting one (at least in the last year and a half since I’ve known you), but you’ve always made it work and added more value to you “natural” element. I would just like to make a suggestion… LOCKS! You’re a gorgeous woman and that in my eyes, locks is the ultimate compliment to such “natural” beauty. Peace.

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