So, the other day there was a trending topic on twitter, #thatswhyyoursingle. As I read all of the redundantly ignorant reasons, I grew increasingly irritated. Besides the fact the the damn shit wasn’t grammatically correct, (yes I said damn shit. I’m irritated) most of the people “going in” on a topic which should be reserved for persons with “Dr.” in front of their name lack a significant other.

Regardless of how frustrating the coonery on my timeline was, it did get me to thinking. No, I did not go soul searching or diving for personal faults that may have rendered me manless. I am quite fine with being single. The tangent to which my thoughts decided to wander off on led me to the very reason why I personally think I am single.


Every single guy that I have dated has taught me something different, either about myself or about men in general. I may not see the lesson right away because I’m a woman with emotions and all that good shit, but hindsight is 20fuckin20.

Thought I’d share three of these men and their lessons with the blogisphere:

The First – not my first, but the first man I dated that mattered. He taught me to learn a person, not just get to know them. He also taught me how to open up, which is something that I had never planned on doing. And to this day, I have yet to be dishonest with him, and only want the best for him no matter what. I bet he has no idea… Ah well!!

The Friend – This one taught me more through our experience. The most important things I learned  were how to recognize when I’m giving more than I’m receiving, and when how to accept that I can’t be who others want me to be. With him I also got to experience pursuing a man, just a little bit. It’s nothing that I want to practice too much. Lastly, he taught me that I can not date super social men who spread themselves thin.

The Graduate – The very things that led me to stop dating him are what I learned from him. There is life outside of the college scene. Every man is not going to want to hang out with my friends. Now that I don’t always want to hang out with my friends, what was once a part of the reason we ended, is now seen as a quality.

Now when it comes to dating, I apply the things that these men have taught me. I can confidently say that each experience is better than the last. I don’t mind being single as long as I keep on learning.


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